Leaf me alone

When we bought our house, it was early summer, when the towering oaks covering the lot provided lots of green shade. I remember driving by the house when we were still deciding whether to buy it and falling in love with the giant trees in the neighborhood.  One of the times we came to look … Continue reading Leaf me alone

What recession?

On Friday, Bossy posted a great photo of a Goodwill store advertising "lower prices", citing this as evidence that the economy is in the crapper.  That may be the case where Bossy lives, but I went to the mall yesterday and saw ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE that the economy is suffering. I normally am loathe to go … Continue reading What recession?

Hangover Helper?

You know how when you drink a bit too much one night, and the next day you feel a teensy bit "yucky" (some people would call this a "hangover"), and you know that the only thing that's going to make it go away is a nice greasy lunch, such as a cheeseburger and fries? Yeah, … Continue reading Hangover Helper?