What would you do with a free afternoon?

If you know me or have been paying attention to the things I write (you are paying attention, aren't you?), you know that I end up positively vapor-locked when presented with a windfall of money. I agonize over making just the right choice. Should I spend my money now, or save it for something later? Is a pedicure a treat, or a necessity? (If you saw my feet, you'd insist it was a necessity.) What about that mascara I love from Sephora? Maybe I should save for a new camera, or splurge on dinner out with the husband?

I'm the same way with an unexpected windfall of time.  What would I do with a whole afternoon alone, with no "real" work to do? Would I stay home and clean? Get caught up on laundry? Catch up on This American Life podcasts? Or just sit quietly and read? Watch mindless TV? Shower? Shave my legs? Or maybe nap? Or would I go shopping? Or to the library?

Do you see what I'm talking about??

More than a few options and I seize up, just like all those traded-in clunkers' engines that had to be destroyed.  Well, the same thing happened to blogger Suz Broughton. Jump on over to her blog, Alive in Wonderland, and and see how this Irvine, CA mom handled it when her husband hooked her up with a free afternoon. (Hint: She survives.)

But enough about wedgies…

Can you believe that crazy fairy tale about the girl and the man and the boss? I mean, do things like that actually happen to people??

It just goes to show ya, truth is, in fact, way stranger than fiction.

While that story is sorting itself out, check this out: Suz Broughton is hosting a giveaway over at the OC Register’s Mom Blog.  For simply leaving a comment describing your best frugal tip, you will be entered in a drawing to win TWO NIGHTS at the Andreas Hotel in Palm Springs! California.  Two nights!! All you gotta do is get yourself there, and the lodging is on the Broughtons.  I mean, seriously. This place is all

exterior- Andreas Hotel

And kids? There is nothing more frugal than NOT PAYING FOR SWEET LODGING.  Just sayin’.

So hurry over and leave your comment and tell Suz that Soup sent you!

My old Palm Pilot, may it rest in peace

I was surfing Suz Broughton’s blog, Emphasis Mine, and came across a brilliant post that she wrote a few months ago about the collision of all of her social media worlds, past and present. I was chuckling along, nodding in agreement, but what made me want to link to her post here was her reference to her cast-aside Palm Pilot from, like, ten years ago.

I myself was an early-adopter of the Palm Pilot, eschewing my bulky Daytimer in favor of the sleek little number I could store in my (admittedly, large) purse. I tried so hard to go paperless with the calendar and address book, tried to seamlessly synchronize data from my computer onto each of several Palms I owned over a four- or five-year period, tap-tap-tapping data into it with the stylus, mastering Graffiti, but I just couldn’t make it work for me in the way I wanted to. While I haven’t reverted to paper, I now keep my calendar and contacts online, and because I spend so much time on my computer, that works great for me.

There are at least two old Palms somewhere in this house, and I think they’re in a cupboard with some old 3.5″ floppy disks, several subpar cordless phones, a giant scanner that never quite worked, a Zip Drive, an old cell phone or two, a 35mm film camera, a Playstation ONE, my old Sony Walkman, 47 cassette tapes, and some Windows 98-compatible software. It’s kind of like the Island of Misfit Toys in there.

(This is to say nothing of my old electric typewriter that I finally got rid of during a recent move. The very one I used to type papers for a buck a page in college. WOOOPWOOOPWOOOP- Dated Reference Alert: Kids, a typewriter – pronounced TIPE-rite-ur – had a “QWERTY” keyboard just like the one on your laptop or cell phone, except that you rolled one sheet of paper into it, and a typeball or individual keys had letters on them, and would transfer the letters onto the paper via an inky ribbon, one at a time… oh, forget it, just read about it here or go ask your parents about when they took Typing Class junior year.)

Anyway – check out Suz’s post, and the rest of her hilarious blog, too. I know you’ll love her. Then, please come back here and tell me this: What technology did you embrace early on but have since cast aside?