Kitchen forensics

DIRTY FRYING PAN AND SPATULA on the stove. SIX (six!) cracked eggshells, perched atop the already too-full countertop compost bin. SLUG-TRAILS of egg-goo criscrossing the stovetop and adjacent counter. ONE ketchup-covered plate, unrinsed, tossed into the sink. The word "EGGS", scrawled onto the magnetic shopping list attached to the refrigerator door, in handwriting that surely … Continue reading Kitchen forensics

Of toddlers and teens

Having a teenager is, in many ways, like having a toddler. Both will seek ways to push their limits to the absolute maximum. Both will throw unspeakable temper tantrums. Both will yell NO!!!, daring you to impose your will. These are the things I think they should tell you when you bring leave the hospital with your wee, warm, swaddled infant.