We Do Dewey Beach

WE SPENT LAST WEEK in Dewey Beach, Delaware. It was a typical beach week - I wore nothing but plastic shoes and never bothered with makeup. The kids stayed up late and slept in. We made it down to the beach each afternoon and stayed till after the lifeguards dragged their stands up to the … Continue reading We Do Dewey Beach

Slippery when wet

Hi there! Remember me? Yeah... didn't think so.  I had a couple of weeks where I felt as if I was grasping for blog material, and by the time Memorial Day weekend rolled around, I was all too ready to walk away from my laptop for a few days. So, I did. I disconnected. Unplugged. … Continue reading Slippery when wet

Inauguration Day

Hi, I'm back! We had a great weekend - decided to head out of DC while everyone else was heading into town. We stayed at my aunt and uncle's home in a ski resort development in Pennsylvania's Blue Mountains. The neighbors came along, and so did our big fat hairy dog, and thus the house … Continue reading Inauguration Day