For the birds

Happy Monday! I'm sitting at my kitchen table, watching it snow and blow outside. We have maybe four inches on the ground right now - it was worse to the east of Washington DC, and we live to the west. Still, this is more snow than we've gotten this entire winter here, and even though it's March … Continue reading For the birds


Chickadee and the Snowman Originally uploaded by nature55   Despite the so-called "winter weather advisory" that was issued for our area overnight, we had little more than a flurry at our house. Oh sure, other counties in Maryland had enough snow to delay school, but not ours. Apparently, it no longer snows here. It's butt-cold, … Continue reading Snowman

The sky is falling!

Today is my kids' third consecutive day off school.  Last Friday was the end of the marking period, so Monday was a scheduled professional day for the teachers. Then Tuesday, measurable snow was in the weather forecast, and because there were flakes falling from the sky at 4:00 a.m., the Good Folks who run the … Continue reading The sky is falling!