Iron On

This is not a paid product review. (It’s been months since I was asked to do one.) No – I’m just writing about this because I feel like sharing a good experience.

I JUST ACQUIRED a new steam iron. You know – the kind for ironing clothes. Which is kinda funny, because I almost never iron clothes. Nevertheless, no home should be without one, right?

It all started when our existing iron – which I have had since the Jurassic Era my freshman year of college (which was 100  25 years ago) – fell off the ironing board one too many times. Which happens often, because our ironing board is like a tiny island in a sea of dirty clothing. Navigating around it is difficult. We bump into it all the time. Rather than folding it up and stowing it out of the way, we are lazy like to keep it up and ready to use, because you just never know when you’ll feel like ironing around here. Every few decades months I am overcome by the urge.

The plastic thingy that made it stand up broke off and, owing to its advanced age, I decided not to run out and buy Superglue and try to fix it. Which is characteristic of Gen-Xers, I’m told.  Our parents probably would have figured out how to fix it. Us? Things break and we toss ’em. I’m not saying it’s right, I’m just citing an example of the disposable society in which we live.

Can I just say as an aside how funny it is to me now that it seemed essential that I take an iron and one of those tabletop ironing boards to college? I mean, we used it, occasionally, but seriously? Why? I think I bought the iron at the BEST, the now-defunct catalog showroom store. Remember them? It was like Service Merchandise, if you remember that one instead. Am I dating myself? Am I giving Methuselah a run for his money? Probably, but don’t answer because that was a hypothetical question.

ANYWAY. So some plastic broke off of the iron and it would no longer stand up. Which is both annoying and dangerous. So I figured now that we own a home and two cars and have 401(k)s and college savings accounts three children, one of whom is heading to high school in a few short months, we could probably treat ourselves to a new iron. Even though clothes have been known to go out of style while sitting on our to-iron pile. Or get “too small.” Even though I have been known to use the ironing board for a poker table buffet cocktail table desk.

I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, but I didn’t want to be a tightwad, either. I mean, I had that last iron for 25 years. If I choose right, I could have the next one until I’m pushing 70! I might teach my grandchildren how to iron with this one!


So, I checked our credit card and realized that we have enough of those mysterious “reward points” on it to purchase an iron. The one for the least amount of points was the Rowenta Effective Steam Iron, model DX1900. I had never heard of Rowenta, so I Googled it, and helllooo, this is a $60 iron, people!  And it’s one of their lower-end models. Rowenta has one that retails for $140! For an IRON! I’d have to check the list of features – it probably toasts bread and doubles as a hot-pot and hot-air popcorn popper (two more must-have college appliances).

I mean, I had no idea what’s happened to the price of irons in the past quarter-century. Are they all this expensive? I thought prices of consumer electronics were decreasing. Why didn’t you tell me?

Well, it arrived today and let me tell you, this baby is all  
Rowenta DX1900
And it’s chock-full of features that are designed to save me from certain death myself. Like a retractable cord, and it turns itself off! And it steams and squirts and all kinds of handy things.  It’s obvious that irons have come a long way since the sixties I stopped paying attention.

I ran right downstairs, removed the giant pile of clothes that had accumulated on the ironing board, kicked all the dirty clothes away from the base, plugged in my new toy and turned it on. Then I ironed a pair of khakis.

Oh, my. This baby means business!

Now, I’m thinking, what else can I iron? I’ve completely outgrown most of what was on the to-iron pile… maybe tablecloths? Pillowcases? My children’s jeans?

I kid. I’m not planning on doing any of that. But I’m happy about my new iron and wanted to share.

7 thoughts on “Iron On

  1. Speaking of disposable, if something I have needs ironing, I’d just as soon throw it away than iron it.
    It steams and squirts and has a retractable cord…well, obviously I’ve woken up with my mind in the gutter.
    But glad to hear you’ve acquired a new possession which will make your life a little easier.

  2. Your mind is in the gutter, CBW, probably because of the comment I left on YOUR last post. Heh. Great minds think alike – and so do we.

  3. Well, it seems I’d also “woken up” without a grasp of the English language, which isn’t unusual but is made worse by lack of coffee.
    I woke up with my mind in the gutter or I awakened to find my mind in the gutter, but if I’ve woken up with my mind in the gutter, it’s very plain that coffee has not been made.
    In any case, the iron is very impressive. The fact that you use it even more so.
    Harry sends his best.
    Mrs. C.

  4. CBW, sadly, I didn’t even notice the grammatical issue. “Close enough” is usually sufficient around here…
    Noe Noe, Sounds like a plan! If you’re nice I’ll even let you take it for a test drive.

  5. I am kinda an ironing freak. i have a whole room permanently set up for IRONING. And I too have a Rowenta Steam Iron. And I LOVE IT.
    Something about ironing feels so productive and retro and efficient. AND I can watch TV while i do it with no guilt.
    Now if only I could blog and iron at the same time. Hmmmmmm……..

  6. Marcy! You should come do an ironing intervention for me. You probably iron your tablecloths and sheets, don't you? I ironed cloth napkins during our weeklong blizzard lock-in… out of sheer boredom. But I'm with you – there is a small part of me that kinda likes ironing because it's a finite task and the fruits of your labor are obvious.

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