I DIDN'T FEEL LIKE PLAYING Monopoly last night…

2012-03-22 10.13.01

But the 7-year-old set up the game and counted out the money and pretty much insisted that it was going to happen. And then the 15-year-old heard we were playing and wanted in on the fun. And then I remembered that in 5 or 6 years, the 7 year old isn't going to want to have much to do with his old mom, and when that time rolls around the 15-year-old will already be away at college. And so, on a weeknight, instead of focusing on homework or chores, three of us played Monopoly.

And it was fun.


3 thoughts on “Monopoly

  1. It’s bittersweet torture, isn’t it?
    That the 15-year-old sat down is a miracle in and of itself.
    Don’t blink, that’s my best advice. When you blink (only once) there will be no more Monopoly. It then becomes the Dating Game of the Game of Life.
    Serenity now.

  2. You are SO RIGHT, CBW. It’s like coddling an egg – so fragile but if you do it right, you keep it together. We still have a few moments with the teenagers, but only a few. Playing with the dog is a sure-fire way to engage them, and picking out / cutting down, and then decorating the Christmas tree seems to be a family favorite. And, our HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS in the car, with him learning to drive, have actually been good for us. Not maybe good for ME, as in my nerves, but we have lots of time to connect when we’re riding around together.

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