GNN: One Gosling

Goose News Network (GNN)

In follow-up to yesterday’s breaking news from the median in the parking lot at Shady Grove Metro: It still appears that there’s only one gosling. Let’s call him Ryan.

I arrived at Shady Grove around 2:30 pm. Joseph was probably over by the creek, alerting the others that the long wait was over, and Rosemary was finally a mother (again).

Rosie was still at the nest, and again, I saw just one fuzzy gosling:


Photo credit Steve Martin

I noticed that the down that had lined the nest was now pulled out. Perhaps mama was nosing (beak-ing?) around in there, checking to make sure everything had happened as she had expected it to.

But only one gosling? That’s unusual, I think, for a bird whose clutch typically includes at least four eggs, often more.

This morning, Joseph was right there, and again, I observed only baby Ryan with Rosemary:


Another guy was also photographing the family. Joseph was not amused with our proximity to their turf. He cast his menacing stare at us, and that was enough to send us on our way.

I glanced back and saw Ryan tucking himself back under Rosemary’s wing. It’s a chilly morning here, but the forecast includes a warm-up. I expect that by this afternoon they will have vacated the nest and headed over to the creek, to join their big, rowdy extended family. Like geese do.


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